The Stuart Florida Real Estate Team

The Stuart Florida Real Estate Team
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What is a CMA?

To determine the approximate value of your property we provide an online Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report free to our clients. I derive the estimated worth for your home by comparing similar properties sold within the last several months using square footage, location, general condition, amenities and size of the property. I then add or subtract value depending on these variables

The CMA should be used only as a guide to pricing your home, and is not an appraisal. The actual value of your home will be affected by local market conditions. A property priced at market value will attract more buyers than a home priced above market value. In preparing your online home evaluation there are certain factors that are within our control and some factors beyond our control when it comes to setting the price. Those factors within our control are: the appearance of the property, how aggressively we market the property and the price. Factors outside our control are: location of property, size and local amenities. It’s important to accept those factors that are beyond our control and focus on the pricing and preparation.  Consider that a competitively priced property will also attract a greater number of potential buyers and increase your opportunity for a quick sale. Your property may have special features or improvements that could substantially affect the price range in which it should be listed.

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